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Name:Finlay Sawyer Bennett
Birthdate:Jan 10
Location:New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

The truth runs wild
Like a tear down a cheek
Trying to save face, and daddy heart break
I'm lying through my teeth

- heaven, troye sivan -

Finlay Sawyer Bennett (who prefers Fin) is the only child of Georgie Kingsley and Sawyer Bennett, who never did get married despite having a relationship for a few years. When he was born, his father chose his name and it was a natural progression for them to decide he would not only take his dad's name for his middle name, but also his surname. There was never any animosity between them, but Fin has never known his father, who departed his life when Fin was only a few months old. Fin's mother was born and raised in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, ona horse ranch and she met his father when she was away at college and he was enlisted in the Marines. They lived on the military base, but things became tough once Fin was born and the relationship started to show a few cracks. It was soon after that when Sawyer was sent to Iraq on his second deployment of his military career. To be able to cope as effectively a single mom, Georgie moved back to Arkansas to be close to her parents who could help out with Fin while he was a baby.

During his service in Iraq, Sawyer was injured when a roadside bomb took out the Humvee he was driving, losing his leg, and very nearly his life. And when he came back home, he was so changed that he and Georgie mutually decided it was best for him to take time away to heal and let her raise Finlay. With a lengthy past of questioning his sexuality but stifling the urges, after being seriously injured, he came to the realization that he can't live his life as a lie anymore. He's gay, and he can't live his life under wraps when he came so damn close to losing it. He's spent years now working through the PTSD and physical therapy, and he's stayed in contact with Georgie, though he doesn't want to push his way into Fin's life until he feels that he's going to be able to be a consistent parent to him.

As a result, Fin grew up without a father in his life. His mom made sure he was never wanting for anything, and Fin has always been close to his grandparents, and his aunt (his mom's twin sister) and twin female cousins a year older than him. He had the same group of friends growing up, a small handful of guys he was close to, but was also the sort who didn't mind his own company. He enjoyed nature walks, hiking and camping, though as he got older, he would wonder on and off what it would be like to camp with his dad rather than his grandfather or friends. He loves animals, especially horseback riding which he was raised into growing up on a ranch. He also has some musical talent, and plays the drums and the ukulele. His mom asked him once why he never wanted to learn the guitar, and got a snappy sassy response of 'Because my dad's not damn well here to teach me'. She never pushed the subject after that, knowing Sawyer had to breach that gap in his own time... at least, that was until she was forced to force Sawyer's hand at fatherhood.

Fin was generally an easygoing kid, but now sixteen, peer pressure has been niggling on him a little with his friends experimenting and trying things not really above board. They were going to parties, staying out late, smoking, drinking. Fin had been trying to resist it, but with friends who have been like brothers for him, he has gone along for the ride. Mostly, the bit of smoking and drinking just made him feel dizzy and shit. He got grounded by his mom three times coming home smelling like booze and cigarettes. It was a party at New Year that everything went down the toilet. Fin agreed to be a DJ for one of the cheerleader's Sweet Sixteen party. His mom let him off his grounding for this one party because the girl was the daughter of her friend. He turned down booze this time, trying to once again avoid the peer pressure. He agree to once hit from a joint, but it made him feel dizzy and sick, giving him an immediate headache.

It was Little Miss Perfect who was having the birthday that was hanging all over him, trying to get him to dance with her. When he said he had a headache, she brought him over a couple of pills for it, and he made the big mistake of thinking it was Tylenol. He popped it, downed it with a swing from the water she brought him. The next thing Fin knew, he was waking up in hospital on an IV drip, with his mom and grandparents sitting at his bedside looking both worried and angry all at the same time. Fin got himself arrested when a tox screen came back showing illegal drugs in his system. Paramedics had been called when he passed out at the party and couldn't be roused. The paramedics called the cops. Fin got back on his feet, but had to go before a juvenile court. The judge was quite lenient, and Fin's attorney plea bargained him out of time in juvie or community service, instead getting an order than Fin had to move away to stay with his father in New York until he was 18 and attend court-appointed therapy while he was there. Because it was effectively better than doing time (though, Fin didn't really agree at first and had a bit of a teenage shouting match with his mom after the court case, accusing her of sending him away rather than listening to him when he said he didn't do anything wrong).

The fight was pointless, and he was a dumb kid. He knew that being angry was useless because he had to do what the judge ordered. His dad being ex-military and decorated at that was deemed an upstanding citizen and a good influence to help Fin 'rehabilitate' from his drug habit. Fin just stood in the court and wore everything that was said, shoulders slumped and looking at his feet the whole time. If he argued, he knew he would be thrown in prison. But he was 100% innocent, other than a crappy puff on a joint that he hated. He cried the whole flight from Arkansas to New York because he was already homesick, but by the time he got off at Arrivals in New York, he had pulled himself together and resolved that this was happening. He would just do what he was told. His dad could do his thing, and he would do his, and hopefully in the meantime, he didn't hate New York with an undying passion.



Finlay is an original character for the PSL/musebox, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork.
For RP and muse writing purposes only. PB is Brennan Benko.

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